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Just because Andrew asked, here is how our church looked during the last two weeks:

The last two weeks of Lent

Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion


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Happy Easter

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Fr. Joseph presiding at the 8:30am Mass this morning.

Notice the new crucifix to the left of the picture near the pulpit. It was introduced during our parish mission and used for the veneration on Good Friday. The Center of the Easter decorations is a six foot Easter candle next to the font in the center. It is the first real wax Easter candle used here in years. As always we had very large crowds today. Unlike last year when I prepared lamb for 150, this year I am preparing a small dinner for 7. It is the traditional roasted Lamb that has been marinating in about 300 cloves of crushed garlic since thursday. It will be served with Farfalle with a white wine garlic sauce with fresh garden herbs, some steamed vegatables, and plenty of bread and wine.

Happy Easter to all
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Good Friday


For your reflection today. I have a different set of notes for today, I may get them typed up to add to last years notes.

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New Website

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Our parish school has a new website. Check it out, especially the welcome from the Pastor.

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This is the crucifix at the Abbey of San Felice, Giano del Umbria, Italy, where the CPPS community was founded in 1815. It is a modern crucifix in the 12th century Abbey. The Abbey was remodeled and returned to its original simplicy sometime in the '50s. Click on the picture for an MP3 file of the Ecce Lignum. It was most likely sung there many times, possibly even by Gaspar himself. It is what will be heard here at St. Edward this year. The melody is much more beautiful than the English "This is the Wood of the Cross" and is very appropriate for our multi lingual congregation.

Blessed Triduum to all
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On Easter Sunday at 2 p.m. Radio FM Station KEDM (90.3 on the radio dial) in Monroe, Louisiana will air an hour-long program entitled "Memories," hosted by Bernadette Cahill and featuring the Schola Speciale. Members of the Schola Speciale were selected from the participants in Gregorian Chant Institute 2004. Host for the broadcast will be Bernadette Cahill.

The Schola Speciale, conducted by Fr. Larry Heiman, C.PP.S., will be heard in three selections:

1. Scapulis suis (Communio for the First Sunday of Lent) with Michael Olbash as Cantor

2. Judica me (Introit for the Fifth Sunday of Lent) with Karen Eagle as Cantor

3. Pueri Hebraeorum (Antiphon for Palm Sunday Procession) with Fr. Jeff Keyes, C.PP.S. as Cantor

Schola Speciale selections will be heard during the final fifteen minutes of the radio broadcast.

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Palm Crosses

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It seems that preaching a mission in Ohio means an introduction to the Sports culture of the Midwest. Everytime I have preached a mission in Ohio, the local team has won a state championship.

Last year it was the Girls basketball team.

This year it seems that the boys team is on their way. Last Night they won the regional championship game and now are on their way to the State semi-finals.

The first time I preached a mission in Ohio was back in '93 in Girard, OH. The mission started on the night that the Girard Boys Basketball team won the State Championship.

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I am enjoying my time in West Central Ohio, immersed in early Precious Blood History here in the United States. Yesterday I drove about 10 miles over to St Charles, passing five different churches on the way. For a tour of the Churches and pictures of most of the sites you can go here.

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Mission 2005

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I leave in the morning for Minster, OH, with stops along the way in Chicago and Columbus. There I will be preaching a Lenten Parish Mission. Last year I preached a mission about Precious Blood Spirituality and Reconciliation

This year it is a Mission called "Faith and Covenant" and each night will address and proclaim the following topics:

Jesus, The Lord
We return to our roots as Followers of Jesus, the Son of God who has united himself with every human being, raising our human nature to an incomparable dignity, and drawing the body of Christ, the Church into intimate communion with God.

Mary, Model of Faith and Charity

It was from Mary and from the Church that Christ came; and from Mary and from the Church Christ has still to come for those who have never known him.

Peter, Faltering Faith and Faithful Companion
Whether in times of Transfiguration or moments of Agony, Peter is there speaking for us. He is a model both for daring proclamation and for faltering faith. But Jesus has prayed for him that when Peter turns back, he would strengthen his brothers and sisters.

Eucharist and Covenant
I have come to my garden, my sister, my bride; I gather my myrrh and my spices, I eat my honey and my sweetmeats, I drink my wine and my milk. Eat, friends; drink! Drink freely of love! (Song of Songs 5:1)

On the last night each person will recieve a small pocket Mission cross as a memento of the mission. (pictured above)

The parish mission will be at St. Augustine Church, Minster, OH.

I obtained the little pocket crosses from here.

The parish Mission here at St. Edward preached by Fr. Bill Nordenbrock, CPPS was a great success. The people were quite pleased and happy at tonight's reception.

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Time Marches on


We are having a parish Lenten Mission this week. I heard about three hours worth of confessions yesterday and this morning. It has all been been very significant and it is clear to me that the Lord is speaking to hearts and they are paying attention.

I preach a lenten mission next week in Minster, OH. I pray that I will be ready.

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