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Spe Salvi

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Here is the new Encyclical.

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It is good to give thanks to the Lord.

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Check this out.

Thanks RC

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I am on retreat for a couple of days.

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Now, Jeffrey, how should I communicate this to the people in the pews?

This morning I was asked to preside for a Mass of the Deacon Candidates and their wives, and the students of the Pastoral School. The liturgy was in the chapel at Holy Names University.

We bagan with the requisite grip and grin, say "hi" to your neighbor, as if we are here to meet one another instead of the Lord.

Introit: Table of Plenty
Psalm: I Will Praise Your Name, heavily paraphrased Psalm 145, further butchered with inclusive language.
Celtic Alleluia
"We Remember" ok, I forget, was this offertory or Communion?
Mass of Glory
I forget what we closed with, but the Mass did not include one song we might sing here at St. Edward

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Go see it. Take Kleenex. The DRE, her husband and I went to see it last Wednesday. Very moving.

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Holy Souls

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Don Marco has a great post on praying for the Holy Souls during November. It will make we want to post something on the Seven Offerings and on the Precious Blood Rosary.

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