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Blessed Advent



When parishioners wished me "Happy Thanksgiving" this Sunday, I replied with "Blessed Advent." Thanksgiving Weekend is not a Liturgical Celebration, although we had a solemn Mass on Thursday with choir. But today, it is Advent.

Let us celebrate the season of Advent, and wait until Christmas to begin our Christmas celebration.

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New Chapel

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At St. Edward there is a little side chapel that also doubles as a cry room on Sundays. Also during the week it was usually used for a variety of other meetings and events. It was functional, not exceptionally pretty, and poorly treated by the people who loved it to death. The Huge crucifix was one that used to hang in the main church. On the side wall were very large, ornately framed images of the Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe. The fan was a nice touch.

small chapel.JPG

Pews were donated and retrieved from Diocesan storage. They were in horrible shape. Ken and Cruz took several weeks to refinish them. The room recieved fresh paint. The little altar was attached to the back wall. Smaller images were obtained. The Crucifix from the Rectory found a new home here. The room was provided a small heater and air conditioner as it getts pretty stuffy in there with all the people and the large Window gets very hot when the sun shines on it.

small chapel ii.jpg

small chapel iii.jpg

Now it will be used almost exclusively for prayer. The best compliment was from one parishioner that said, "wow, it looks like a chapel now."

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