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Peter Nixon has written an interesting article on the changes in the Liturgy and highlights the experience at St. Edward. The article can be found here.

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I am enjoying my stay in Italy. It is a bit warm, but the mornings and evenings are very pleasant. I am staying in a little pensione as the CPPS are all away at a symposium in Austria. The Pope is on vacation so the crowds are not too big. I have enjoyed showing some friends the sites of Rome for the first time. Other than that I am visiting sites I have never seen before. five minutes from my hotel is the Theatine church of San Andreas (it is not my fault) where the priests pray lauds at 7:30am and then there is Mass at 8:00am. Five minutes the other direction are the Brigittine Sisters and they have adoration, Vespers and Benediction every afternoon at 4:30pm.

Then, of course, there is the food. They know how to eat here. Every time I come to Rome I get to stuff myself and lose weight from all the walking. It is a great way to spend a vacation.

Be assured of prayers for all as I visit the tombs of the martyrs and saints.

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Today I begin my vacation. I will be taking a retreat with Fr. Mark in Tulsa and then heading over to Rome for two weeks.

In the meantime, enjoy one of Linda's goofy productions:

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