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I have enough to do at the moment, but added to the mix is the search for a music minister for the parish. The Current director gave Fr. Finley two weeks notice after Easter. He has taken a job closer to home. I already have one blogger out there applying for the job. I hope to have someone in place by June. I become pastor on August 1st.


Active parish in San Francisco Bay Area seeks competent, collaborative musician, pastoral minister, as member of Pastoral Team. 5000 family parish, 300+ parish school, Adult and children's choirs, seven weekend masses; pipe organ; masses celebrated in English, vibrant ethnic mix in parish; Cultural understanding essential; Chant, Traditional and Contemporary repertoire, Organ skills, knowledge of liturgy, experience preferred. Competitive salary and benefits. Send resume to Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, CPPS, e-mail to (click the link in the side bar)

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Jeff, I Don't know if you remember me but, I've been singing with the choir at St Edwards since you were the music director. A few of us long time members would like to speak to you before you select a director. We feel it is important.

Nice to hear from you. Fr. Finley felt it best that I advertise and do the hiring since I have some expertise at this and, of course, will be the one who has to work with the applicant.

I would be delighted to hear your concerns, hopes, desires, etc. I hope to have some applicants gathered and a decision made by early June. This is ripe time for people who are doing some job hunting.

Unfortunately, I am all over the map with travels, missions, retreats, etc until August, and there are even a few things I will have to attend to in September and October before my schedule settles down. Fr. Ron will be filling in for me in my absences.

You can share this email with any choir member and let them know I would gladly listen to whatever they have to say. In fact such emails would be ideal to share (anonymously) with applicants in the interview process.

It has been 16 years since I worked at St. Edward and I know that there is much that is different than it was in my time there with Fr. Steffes. I will not have much energy to be making any changes in the first year and mostly will be asking people what the traditions have been and "how did you do it last year?"

Nice to hear from you and looking forward to your emails. Of course people can call me when I am in Chicago.

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