Easter Crowds

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St. Anne Parish in Gilbert, AZ had an interesting problem at Easter Sunday.

You may remember that I preached a parish mission there recently. There is even a Catholic Blogger in the pews there.

[update: the link to that Phoenix newspaper may not work. It only works for me half the time. You can try it again, or go to the Blogger's website and try the link from there. Blogger's links are not working so scroll down to "Parish Profile"]

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I guess I'd just rent a big space or a huge tent and have a few Masses at the most popular times. easy for me to say from afar...Easter Sunday Mass on Sunday evening doesn't seem right to me...

We went to the Sunday afternoon Mass at St. Anne pm. It was actually very nice. Best of all, we found parking close to the church and found seats. I have my husband, 4 children, 1 nephew, 3 Grandparents and one Great Grandma to all get to MAss at the same time. We had a wonderful breakfast, died eggs, and did not rush to Church worried about parking, seating etc. When we got back we had a wonderful Easter dinner. It seemed the afternoon Mass made Easter Sunday last a little bit longer. It turned out very nice. I hope they do it again next year. Also, Happy Easter Bloggers!!!

I have to confess, that we were disobedient, and didn't go to the Mass our Last name was assigned to. Our Associate Pastor, Fr. Kosco told us if we were at the wrong Mass we are to leave at once. Ha Ha,he was just kidding, but he did mention that if you weren't laughing you obviously haven't been coming to Church because they only sent out the notices to the registered parishoners.

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