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April 15, 2004

Easter II

The homily is not done. I will not put the finishing touches on it until Sunday, after I have worked with these couples for a few days. But here is the outline I am taking with me. See 'ya Monday.

Posted by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. at April 15, 2004 11:11 PM

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Looks great, Father. Have a good weekend.

Posted by: Nathan at April 16, 2004 12:30 PM

Fr. Jeff,

As usually happens with your homilies, we can hear your voice proclaiming it and it took our breath away--good thing we have new life breathed into us! We so wish we could be there to witness with you. May the attending couples find the peace that comes with forgiveness. It doesn't happen overnight but it DOES happen with Jesus giving us strength. So happy for you that you will be able to be the priest for this weekend.

Maria Elena & Dave

Posted by: Maria Elena at April 16, 2004 3:43 PM

How'd the dinner turn out the other night, Father?

Posted by: Bob Dole at April 19, 2004 7:36 PM

Dinner was fine, the homily turned out well too. I completely rewrote part one, and then expanded on part two.

Posted by: Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, CPPS at April 20, 2004 7:11 AM