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Fr. Larry Heiman, C.PP.S. is a treasure. I studied music under him back in the '80s and for the last several years have attempted to participate in his Chant Institute.

It is now or never. With the fact that I am taking on the pastorate of a parish on August 1st I may never have the opportunity again. Fr. Heiman isn't getting any younger either.

So it starts on June 19th and our Assembly out in California ends on the 18th. I will do my best. Now I have recieved the highest honor. As I am sitting here listing to Fr. Heiman's last chant CD, I recieve an email from him asking me to serve on the next one to be recorded June 30th. Cool!!!

There goes vacation, but when would I have a chance to do that again? Stay tuned for information about the Chant CD of Lent and Triduum chants that will be recorded.

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Wow! I am so excited to hear about it. As I have told you many times, my talent is to appreciate the talent God has given to others. Musicians need audiences as well. My ears are 'tuning up' to hear the fruits of your labors. You are blessed, and in turn, we are blessed that you will be able to study under such a master. Thank you for sharing this on the blog. Yeah! Yeah, God!

Peace, Fr Jeff.

Fr Larry is indeed a gem, not only as a musician, a teacher, and a fine leader, but as a spiritual man of hospitality. He was very, very gracious in his welcome of new students in the 80's. I will always remember my two summers there with great fondness. I have one of his chant cd's here in the house somewhere. I need to give it another listen soon.

It would be really wonderful if you could come! And there will be at least two, maybe three U of C people there including me.

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