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April 9, 2004

Music for the Sacred Triduum

Here is a listing of the music selection for Sacred Paschal Triduum celebrated this year at Calvert House. The Liturgies are celebrated at Bond Chapel on the Campus of the the University of Chicago.


Holy Thursday
Introit: Lift High the Cross
Kyrie: de Angelis
Gloria: de Angelis
Psalm: Our Blessing Cup (Keyes)
Acclamation: Glory to you, O Word of God
Mandatum: Jesu, Jesu(Ghana) and Mandatum(GS)
Preparation: Ubi Caritas (GS)
Eucharistic Acclamations: Proulx, Community Mass
Agnus Dei: XVIII
Communion: Take and Eat (Joncas) RS910
Procession: Pange Lingua

Good Friday
Entrance in Silence
Psalm: Father, Into your hands I commend my spirit (H. Hughes)
No Gospel Acclamation
The Passion, Chanted
General Intercessions: chanted from Sacramentary, with Kyrie
Music for the Veneration:
This is the Wood, Sacramentary
Reproaches from Sacramentary, response from Graduale Romanum, and Graduale Simplex
Crux Fidelis (Graduale Romanum)
Communion Hymn: Take and Eat
Silence for Recessional

Easter Vigil
Liturgy of the Easter Fire: Exsultet
Liturgy of the Word
Psalm 104: BFW 131
Psalm 16: WIII, 903 Joncas
Exodus 15: BFW 134
Psalm 30: GC41 by Paul Inwood
Isaiah 12: GC148 by Marty Haugen
Psalm 19: BFW 138
Psalm 42: BFW 140
Gloria: De Angelis
Gospel Acclamation:Psalm 118: BFW 142
Liturgy of Baptism and Reception
Litany of Saints, BFW 143
Springs of Water BFW 144
Confirmation: Veni Sancte (Taize)
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Preparation of Gifts: Ye Sons and Daughters
Eucharistic Acclamations: Proulx
Agnus Dei XVIII
Communion: Take and Eat
Closing: Jesus Christ is Risen Today

Easter Sunday
Introit: This is the Day the Lord Has Made, BFW 148
Kyrie de Angelis
Gloria de Angelis
Psalm: Today is the Day the Lord has made BFW149
Alleluia: from Easter Vigil
Preparation: Terra Tremuit, GS 161
Eucharistic Acclamations: de Angelis
Agnus Dei de Angelis
Communion: Mozarabic Alleluia, GS 454
Closing: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today, RS 593

RS=Ritual Song
GC=Gather Comprehensive
GS=Graduale Simplex
BFW=By Flowing Waters
WIII=Worship, Third Edition

Posted by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. at April 9, 2004 10:37 PM

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Father, our newly founded schola at our Newman Center chanted the Reproaches for Good Friday. We sang the Popule meus antiphon and Trisagion in Latin/Greek and the reproaches themselves in English to a Psalm tone in the same mode as the antiphons (I). We received many compliments on how moving and appropriate the music was. The regular choir (a folk-type group) has asked us about chanting the Mass parts. Our chaplain, who favors chanting in Latin when possible, is also pleased.

Posted by: Alex Checkai at April 10, 2004 9:33 AM

Our choir did the reproaches, for the first time in anyones memory, at our parish yesterday, and the response was extraordinary.
Next year maybe the people will sing it too, God willing?

Posted by: geri at April 10, 2004 11:27 PM