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I am trying to read some of the numbers associated with this new blog address. If I am figuring out correctly what RC told me it seems like the readership of this blog has tripled in the last month. Some of that increase was noticed early in the month before moving to this new address, but it seems to have taken off recently.

Also I am impressed with where the readers are coming from. I have had an extraordinary amount of hits from New Zealand for some reason. The countries listed are:

New Zealand, United States, Canada, Italy, Peru , Singapore, United Kingdom , France, Australia, Lithuania, Taiwan, South Africa, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Uruguay

Welcome to all. Drop a comment here and there and let us know what you think of our St. Gaspar.

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The country data is tricky: it only reflects the top-level domains of the users: .nz., .us., .ca, etc. Most users, including some non-US users, have .com or .net domains, so they are not listed with a specific country.

Also, please remember that the number of "hits" can be misleading, since every image file counts as a hit. Since the main page currently has nine images, that's ten hits per page-view.

Bottom line: I think you had about 40 page-views in the month by NZ users: that's about a visit per day, and it turns out that most were by one user. Sorry.

The data on "sites" and "visits" is a good indicator of user headcount and activity.

yep, I am using "sites" as an indicator of visitors and that is the number that is nearly three times what I had on site meter.

ok, was that a visitor from Chile yesterday?

Well, that machine in Chile only made one "hit" against the web server, but it retrieved 47KB, which is about the size of the main page -- without the images.

My guess is that some machine was running an automated "web crawler" that reads one page after another, following the links.

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