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from Indiana. It is summertime here, and getting Internet access was quite an adventure especially as I had all these files I needed to forward to people in Rome and California.

Chant workshop is going well. I will sing the liturgy this evening. More later.

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Not that I expect you to have time to answer this, but are their sung lituriges open to the public every night? I'll try looking it up on line. I would like to get down to one, after the madness of our rededication mass is over. Never been on that campus.


I think I can answer your question. Several years ago I was visiting SJC the same weekend as a Chant Institute, and I attended one of their evening liturgies. It is Mass, which is not a private affair.

Mass on Tuesday is 11:15am
on Wednesday at 4:00pm
Thursday 4:00pm
Friday 11:15am

I do not think I am the presider at any of these as I took my turn today.

Hi Jeff,

Give Fr. Larry a hug for me! What does it feel like being on that Campus as a "student" again? Ah, the memories!


Hi Gerry, It is a bit of Deja vu being back here after 20 years. A lot of it is the same but there are some striking differences.

Remember the Rensselaer White meals? We had a couple of this this week.

"Remember the Rensselaer White meals?"

Durst one ask? (I'm thinking cream of starch soup, with potato risotto in cream sauce...?)

And a big HELLOOOOOO, Gerry!

Our Mass of Thanksgiving for the renovation of St John's was a beautiful liturgy, good attendance and participation -- and I'm sooooooo relieved it's over.

The White Meal in the Student Dining Hall of St. Joseph College, Rensselaer, IN:

Turkey Gravy
Mashed potatoes
dinner rolls

and for dessert..............

Vanilla Ice Cream!

I still can't eat those things together on a plate!

Well, yesterday morning, I looked at the schedule of liturgies you had posted here, and eager to hear a Mass with some singing that didn't feature the "Slovak slide," I persuaded Bob to drive down to Rensselaer with me.
Fortunately, Bob is used to my dragging him all over the countryside with very little reason, on very little notice, based on very little information.
Anyway, the 11:30 mass was lovely even if there was no music whatever, much less Gregorian chant.
Very nice homily. (I do think we at least caught sight of some members of the schola, though, through a door before Mass began -- was that not you, Fr Keyes, wearing a particularly aggressively patterned shirt?)

Prayers for your new colleague. The Church can't have too many Father Jeffs!

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