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Click on the Picture of the new Fr. Jeff Kirch giving me the sign of peace at his recent ordination. That should take you to the rest of the pictures of his ordination weekend.

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A big Hello back to you, Geri! Glad to hear that the rededication went well. When I was in Chicago at the beginning of May, Fr. Dennis drove me down to the Church so I could see the progress since the mission. It is just beautiful!

Jeff, thanks for the pictures. Tho I only know a few of the faces in them, I found the glimpses of the Chapel bringing back some wonderful memories. It doesn't look like it has changed much in 20 years!

I am off to Ireland and England and Florida for the next three weeks.


Dear Father Keyes:

I always enjoy your blog and I appreciate all that you're doing, but ...

Why don't you guys wear the stole under the chasuble instead of over the chasuble as both the old and new G.I.R.M. stipulate?

for any number of reasons, also stipulated by the GIRM.

1. the expense of purchasing new vestments.

2. the "unless otherwise directed" clause.

3. The Bishops themselves may establish directives for the region. Our community orinary hase directed us to wear community stoles for community events. Most of us wore and alb and stole for the event. Jeff wore a community stole with a cup and cross symbol for our community over a chasuble.

quite frankly, there were more important things to start working on than the vesture. You may notice that at this liturgy the wine was separated into cups at the Preparation of the gifts.

I noticed from the ordination pictures... interesting that the wine was separated into the cups at the prep of gifts. Has something changed? Did I miss something and why is the MC taking care of it? Acolytes.....

Congratulations, Fr. Jeff! You join a wonderful subset of CPPS priests: the Fr. Jeff club.

Any of you out there who will have sons in the future: name them Jeffrey! :)

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