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I drove 486 miles today, and now have turned in for the night. Gas was 2.29 in Chicago, 1.85 in Iowa, and 1.73 in Omaha.

The ride was boring enough, but I listened to the B minor Mass by Bach a couple of times and it made time go by a bit faster.

I hope to make it to Utah by tomorrow.

Blogging will depend on Internet access. I will take advantage of it when it is free.

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I should have taken you up on your offer to fly back there and drive back with you, but think of it this way "you may have a quiet but scenic drive ahead of you" as compared to a fun, lively conversation with your sister all week, but you need the week of quiet prior to starting your new position! A week from now you will be longing for quiet time! Brings back memories of the laughter in Ireland last summer doesn't it?! Seriously, have a safe trip. All of us look forward to your safe return!

The drive through Utah should be beautiful.


I remember a road trip that we both took many years ago, to and from Rensselaer! Remember praying Morning Prayer as we drove? And the moose in the Colorado mountains when we camped? Some days it does not seem so long ago, but when I look in the mirror, I am brought back to reality!
I also live just off I 80, but like Peggy, when you get here you only have about 70 minutes to go! Have a safe trip!

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