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August 13, 2004

Travels again

I leave in the morning for Chicago. Sunday, 10:00am mass at St. John's in Whiting, IN will be the celebration of Br. Brian Boyle's Definitive Incorporation(Final Profession). Then Fr. Angelo and I will drive to Ohio where Monday at 2:00pm we will celebrate the life of Fr. Ray Cera. Monday night I fly back to California. I get home early Tuesday morning. A few friends and family are coming over that night for a Birthday BBQ. I will be 51.

I am still living in the guest room at the parish while the room is painted, the carpet has been taken up which reveals a beautiful hardwood floor which we will keep. Book cases are arriving soon, and I still need to buy a bed.

The first full week at the parish is drawing to a close. It is an amazing parish. I will be back to blogging soon.

Posted by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. at August 13, 2004 10:17 PM

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happy birthday, Father Jeff!

I'm glad your house is old enough to have a classy hardwood floor!

and happy wedding anniversary to your mom, too, on the same day.

Posted by: Maureen Lahiff at August 14, 2004 2:43 PM

I was pleased to hear that you will be able to be present for Fr. Cera's liturgy. My sense is that he had a great appreciation of you, your love for St. Gaspar and your efforts to disseminate the many works that Fr. Cera translated for us. The torch is passed.

Posted by: Peggy Doherty at August 14, 2004 3:11 PM

Have a great birthday Jeff!

Posted by: Anna at August 16, 2004 10:36 AM