Mary, Woman of the New Covenant

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thanks for the images, Father Jeff!

I enjoy Father Frank Sullivan's writing about this feast, from when he was chaplain for the ASCs.

Interesting article, and in some ways an even more interesting exchange between you and Miss Lahiff in the linked thread.
Is there some pejorative meanng of "commodity" I'm not remembering? I don't understand the objection; and as someone who has donated my fair share of blood, and something, I dare say, a bit more "personal" than blood, I can't share her cavil.

On the other hand, I often DO find myself reacting to the "we" spoken by preachers with the old Tonto/Lone Ranger joke ("what you mean, 'we', white man?) - but again, don't object in this case. It was qualified to my satisfaction (doesn't that sound fatuous?)
(I'm not always that way -- for instance, the liturgical music workshop facilitator who introduced us to an Agnus Dei of his own invention full of "Lamb of God, forgive us for the times we...." raised me hackles, since I couldn't recall ever doing any of the silly things he wanted to insert into the Agnus Dei; but I may just have been made peevish by someone feeling competent to write his own words to the Mass.)
Anyway, much food for thought.

(Miss Lahiff, do you have a blog?)

Father Jeff, if you want to get rid of our discussion last year on your choices of rhetorical style and my experience of it as not effective, that would be fine with me.

to the reader above, no, I do not have a blog. I find them a temptation to extremes, not a reasonable forum for respectful discussion and genuine appreciation of different points of view and experience, as well as a temptation to self-focus.

and, with much laughter, I appreciate respect, but I am not a Miss but a Ms. from the tone of my comments, that's a pretty sure bet!

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