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Yesterday was taking care of hang-ups. All the pics are on the walls now and there is still some room left. Today was a school mass, staff meeting, appointments and Adult Faith Formation this evening.

In the morning I leave for St. Louis, for the PBLC HRI meeting, and will be back on Thursday. Friday begins the Retrouvaille weekend in Oakland and prayer posting would be appreciated by the couples.

I am almost unpacked. If I would only stay around long enough. This is my third mid-western trip in a month.

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Morning and Evening Prayer will be offered for Retrouvaille couples beginning Friday morning and continuing through Sunday evening. May the weekend be fruitful for you and may you experience God's loving presence.
Peggy doherty

You will be included in the General Intercessions at St. Barnabas in Alameda. Please know that we are delighted to support you and to host the follow up sessions.

What a wonderful gospel this Sunday -- the prodigal who "came to his senses."

You, your team, and the Retrouvaille couples will be in Bob's and my prayers this weekend.

Maureen, I almost agree; what a wonderful gospel this Sunday -- the OBEDIENT son who "came to his senses." ;-)

Even when I was a kid, I thought even the common name of the parable was wrong, (not to mention unfair -- "boy, the prodigal son gets EVERYTHING, he even gets the story named after him!")
I thought then, and have had it confirmed as I grow older, that there're at least as many if not more of us who share the older son's sin as the prodigal's.

Retrouvaille will be in my prayers. May God work many miracles!

Father, are there other Priests at your Parish? You seem to be away very often, so if not who is saying Mass?

There are three priests fulltime here, and three others that help out regularly on weekends, so there are six priests for the nine masses on a weekend. We have two daily masses.

I am new here and the Provincial knew that I had these committments. They will lessen by November, but we have all the masses covered.

I am attending an Intrrnational Council meeting at the end of this month, and preaching a priests retreat in October. In November all the Provincial Councils meet in Chicago and in March I am preaching a parish mission in Ohio. These are all committments made prior to becoming pastor and the Provincial knows about them and insists that I keep them.

I will make sure everything is covered.

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