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It was a wonderful celebration. The Parish Picnic following was a great success. There were many friends there from all over. Msgr. Manuel Simas presided at the installation. Msgr. Simas is the uncle of Donna Heusler who is now featured with her husband Jeff on Bishop's website. Jeff and Donna were at the celebration, too. Fr. Marvin Steffes, C.PP.S was present. He was pastor of St. Edward from 1979 to 1989. It was during his pastorate that I served the parish as music director. Fr. James Sloan, C.PP.S. my predecessor as pastor of St. Barnabas was also present. Both Fr. Steffes and Fr. Sloan are former provincials.

The choir did a wonderful job. We sang the kyrie in Quecha, a setting sung in our community in Guatemala, and the Preparation of Gifts was a Spanish song from the CPPS comunity in Chile. There was no latin chant sung, but these musicians are new too and I am being patient. I sang the presidential parts of the mass.

I am a bit tired, but after a two hour nap, I am ready for the 6:00pm mass. Fr. Paulson has the 8:00pm mass.

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God bless you and your (very fortunate) parish!
(And quit braggin' abou unpacking! We've been in our house 5 years and there are boxes I still haven't even FOUND much less unpacked...)

By the way, I was lucky enough to attend a music workshop at Mundelein a few weeks ago (Dr Shaefer of the schol at Gonzaga led it, excellent program!) and had the pleasure of meeting Fr Heiman -- and now I've had the pleasure of hearing the CD. Beautiful work, Fr Keyes!

I think those of us who serve in other parishes would appreciate photos of the installation when you have a chance.

Thank you, Father Jeff, for being willing to have an installation, both to express your commitment to the people of the parish and to give them a chance to welcome you. (Something your 2 successors at St. B don't seem to understand.)

When will there be singing in some of the Pilipino languages at St. Edward?

There were songs in tagalog at a funeral this week.

Gerardo took some pics, and as soon as I have them they will be posted here.

The pictures arrived as I was typing that last comment.

Congrats and God bless, Father Keyes!

I'll pray for you in all the continuing challenges and penances of guiding this parish.

Okay, I guess I oughtn't sneak around the blocked comments thread on the next post, but I just wanted to say this, as one who knows you in a liturgical setting. I, and those who know you, know well how much you must be saddened by the things that detract from the reverence and beauty of the Mass; but we know too that you have too much love to go about fixing problems hamhandedly. It sounds like you're trying to get this right, and I for one trust in your dedication.

Thanks, Patrick.

I miss you guys in Chicago.

  one of Fr. Keyes' photos

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