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Front: Bro. Michael Suazo, CSSP, an Fr. Michael White, CSSP. Back: Fr. George Healy, CSSP, Fr. Jeff Keyes,CPPS, Fr. Tom Byrne, CSSP, Fr. Mike Grey, CSSP.

Back in 1971 when I joined the Holy Ghost Community in Texas, Frs. Healy and Byrne were the young vocation directors. Now they are both in the late 60's. Bro Michael was in my class, we entered on the same day back in August 1971. Mike Grey was a year ahead of us. He is their current provincial. Mike White was a freshman when we were seniors. He is a campus minister in San Diego and is their former provincial.

I was with the CSSP community from August 1971 to March 1976. It is that experience I point to when I say, "Oh, will the 70s ever end?"

My first contact with the community since departing was April 2002. It was quite a surprise when I was asked to preach their community retreat. The topics focused on the Paschal Mystery, Reconciliation, and the renewal of priestly life. The whole week was a healing grace for many of us.

The rector from the formation house back then has passed away. May God grant him eternal rest.

I am home from the retreat, a bit tired but ready to welcome our Moderator General on his visitation. We celebrate the Feast of St. Gaspar at this weekend's Masses.

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Hi Bill,

It was a treat to meet you and share the conversation. Blessings+

Fr. Jeff, I sure hope you are well and I could not believe how you have changed in your appearance! I googled your name and found this website! Sure would like you to contact me via email, Its been too many years since we with with the Holy Ghost Fathers,tell your Mom I said hello.

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