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It is the life of a Missionary of the Precious Blood. I will be in Houston, TX preaching a retreat for Priests. I will return next Saturday.

I will be preaching at Mass every day and there will be six main conferences along with the times for prayer and adoration.

“Life’s Mysteries”
1. The Prodigal Returns, The Journey to Jerusalem
2. The Entrance into the Holy City
3. Celebrating The Mysteries of the Table
4. The Book of the Cross, and the Shattered Horizon
5. Stepping into the Light
6. The Spirit and the Blood Agree

More than 30 years ago I belonged to that community. I left in 1976. I will be preaching to former classmates and former professors, quite a daunting task.

A few dates to keep in mind:

October 21 is the Feast of St. Gaspar del Bufalo
October 26 is my anniversary of ordination (1991)

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Jeff, You are in our prayers.
We did a little 'missionary' work ourselves this weekend: Sat/Sun did Retrouvaille pulpit talks at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Fremont--3 Spanish; 1 English. Fortunately we had another SF couple who took the other 4 English Masses.
Dave & Maria Elena

Dear Father Jeff,

Prayers for your preaching and yourself this week.

It seems fitting that you will be taking part in the work on the actual day of Saint Gaspar's feast, and then home for the solemnity transferred to the following Sunday.

And prayers for your presbyteral ordination anniversary! 13 years!

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