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Ordained by Bishop John S. Cummins, Bishop of Oakland
October 26, 1991
St. Augustine Church, Oakland

Priests "must train the faithful to sing hymns and spiritual songs in their hearts to the Lord, always giving thanks."
Presbyterorum Ordinis, 5

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I remember it well! What a great day. Happy Anniversary Jeff and many, many more. Blessings, AnnaMaria

Ad multos annos

AnnaMaria, We are so envious that you were at Jeff's ordination. Alas, we did not meet him until 5 months later but it has been God's blessing to us to have had him in our lives for almost his entire time as a priest. Jeff, may God continue to bless you and your ministry.
Maria Elena & Dave

Jeff, I remember it was a rainy day and Bishop Cummins said that the Irish say rain represents a blessing. Blessings to you on this day and for many more years of service to God's people.

Let me add belated congrats on your anniversary from Laura and I who were also privileged to be there.

God bless you.

Ken M.

And let me add my belated congratulations as well!

(The congratulations are both on the occasion of your anniversary, Fr Keyes, and on the gracious and Christian manner in which you handled yourself in the thread immediately below this one -- when I win the lottery we'll take care of your church building AND your chalices....)

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