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...there has not been much to blog about recently. Too much to do. "Swamped" has a completely new meaning. This parish is fast becoming known as the land of a million details. I have been struggling with the budget. The 2005 budget is showing a $203,000 deficit currently, but there is much help in trying to figure out solutions. I hope to have the budget figured out before December.

In the morning I leave for Chicago and will be back next Wednesday. There may be some blogging time from my old house on Monday.

I have acquired a puppy. She is seven weeks old and and is a Golden retriever/Border Collie mix. She is all black with a well placed white splotch that makes her look a bit clerical. (grin) I will pick her up next Thursday. She will contribute greatly to my exercise regimen, not to mention a bit of mental health in the midst of endless details. Any suggestions for a name? Pictures will be posted next week.

This is an important meeting of the CPPS in Warrenville, IL the next few days. Prayers would be appreciated.

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I've always wanted to name a pet after a famous Philosopher... How about Aristotle? Plato? Socrates? Kant?

Glad to hear you are getting a new dog. Prayers will be offered for the meeting and your parish.

hey, it's a GIRL dog! at least we could suggest famous WOMEN for her name!

my approach would be to have some names in mind, but let the puppy's style and personality guide the choice.

I also have a slight preference for dog's names that aren't the same as people's first names. The dog literature usually suggest 2 syllable names and says to avoide sibilant starting syllables like S.

Peace, Fr Jeff.

What about "Precious Blood" or some Gasparian term in some fairly obscure language like Estonian or Hindi?

Well, Maureen. It seems that we did it all wrong with our favorite dog. Three syllables and beginning with S. But it's so right for her isn't it? She was meant to be Siena.

Jeff: When Siena first arrived at the rectory and you were looking for a name, you came to me and asked if I would mind if you named her Cecilia (Patroness of Music.) Of course, I said I did mind and so she became Siena - a much better choice. I was going to tell you that time has mellowed me and distance makes it less annoying if she bears my name, and so if you still favor Cecilia, it's ok with me. Unfortunately, Cecilia doesn't meet any of Maureen's criteria, so I don't know what to say.

hey, they're not my criteria, but from at least two helpful "how to assist your dog to be the companion you want" books.

Siena is wonderful, so is our new visit-the-office often dog Sadie (7 months now, lab/golden mix)

I don't think Sangre would be a great name, though.

it's easier to comment on light-hearted issues like names for companion animals than to say I am praying for the future of the Missionaries.

but prayers are yours for the decisions ahead.

Prayers for the meeting.

As to not choosing names for dogs that start with sibilants, on making the acquaintance of two separate nationally ranked police "work" dogs, I was warned by handlers not to hiss, as it was an attack signal. (I wasn't much in the habit of hissing, but I took the warning to heart.)
Theoretically they would have ignored my commands, as a stranger, and a person over 4 feet tall, but you never know.

Fr. Jeff et al
You are in our thoughts and prayers in Warrenville. Dave & Maria Elena

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