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After two days, the Blessed Sacrament locked up in the sacristy, the destroyed lock on the tabernacle was replaced. Tuesday Morning at 9:00am Mass, we blessed the Tabernacle, did an act of reparation and placed the Blessed Sacrament inside again. A new latch was placed on the sacristy window.
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recently at St. Isidore in Danville, CA, they took the entire tabernacle.

apparently, the bishop has to report an incident like this to the Vatican.

It is unbelievable that there would be 3 incidents like this in our Diocese within - what- a year?

Makes me wonder if there are more than these 3 and who and why? Seems like they should be reported and counted by police as hate crimes such as desecration of other sacred sites are.

Further, hopefully the local authorities (police, city council, etc.) would make an all out effort to investigate these occurrences.

Fr. Jeff, glad to see the Lamb back on the altar.

Maria Elena

Since Nicos suicide" my neighbor" Its been very testing in my life...Im sorry this thing could happen in the church?I tried to wright on how great this Kid was. I tried to think for the vadilizim, I tried to think why things even arise as negative. Im so emotionless these days on the sadness of the world,I woke up this mourning and found my Dad at 12:30am in a diabetic coma, he was laid out on the kitchen floor? Im not sad im confused, This is a lesson were suppose to see for a reason, I let the Lord carry me as I allways do! ??????? HE is our promise and no matter what my losses are, its for him and our faith ,in our eternal life.
The promise from God the Father for the crusification of Jesus crist our Lord his only son, AMEN

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