Sadder days

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Well, the blog is up an running after the server went down for a while. I have been depressed all week, sleepless nights even after an exhausting weekend. My Province has put me in a huge quandary. Losing all health benefits and retirement, all going to lawyers and lawsuits.

Still others have greater troubles. There was a murder of a teenager this week in the city and the police and the press showed up tonight at the parish as many of his friends sought to hold a candlelight vigil. It was all a surprise to us. I was walking around the property with the facilities manager when we noticed the press in our front parking lot. One of the videos on the KTVU site even shows the reporter in front of the church.

Tomorrow is an all day meeting with the Bishop on the GIRM for all the priests of the Diocese, and then I pick up Fr. Nordenbrock from the airport for the beginning of the lenten mission.

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Our prayers are with the young boy, his family and friends, St. Edward Church, the Newark community and you. May God's healing hand be upon you all.

I am so sorry, Fr Keyes.
The poor boy, his family, the community, your parish, and you are all in my prayers.
May the mission help bring you healing and peace.

(And because I can REALLY empathize with the mess re insurance and benefits, I pray that that is all resolved justly SOON.)



Sorry to hear about the murder in Newark. That kind of news was all too common in L.A. when I lived there.

Your comments about losing health benefits and retirement are disturbing. I have heard nothing about this, but thought that our pension fund was not touchable. Can it really be that members of our province have no health benefits now? Is our pension fund also gone?

Fr. Jeff,

I just wanted to let you know that you have been on my mind and in my prayers over the past few days - ever since I read this post and an earlier one, "sad days." I know you know this already but I think its worth saying, remember that saddness has a purpose but the saddness will pass. I am also praying for all those effected by these two situations. May God's mercy bring a ray of hope to everyone.

In Christ, Mary

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