Looks like a good book

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I ordered two copies, one for me and one for our new music director.

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Sadly it's not me, but God bless you and your Parish Father. Best wishes.

nah, I'm not buying it.

The tone of the chapter to which Father Jeff links is unneccessarily harsh.

Once I got to the essential elements of the Eucharist and did not see the Liturgy of the Word, I knew it was ok to stop reading. (For the curious, it lists the old 3 principal parts of the Mass from the Missal of Pius V as the essentals...offering bread and wine, consecration, communion.)

In an introduction to one of his earlier books, it is noted, "... he champions a restoration of the individual authority of the bishops in bringing about, solely with the help of the official liturgical texts, the proper application of the principles clearly enunciated by Sancrosanctum Concilum, Vatican II's Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy."

It would be interesting to see how he would approach the use of the unreformed 1962 Missal in that light.

Dear Fr. Keyes and readers of this Blog:

As the anonymous "troll", I would like to say that I am not the former music director, but rather just a unhappy choir member that is now no longer involved in the St. Edward's community. I realize that things always change and I, too, should understand and recognize the diversity in Liturgy, including your view.

Since this blog is not a place for debate or the posting of contrasting views, I will cease my comments; let go and let God.

May the Holy Spirit guide you in all that you do. Peace.

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