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Rev. Steven Lopes, a priest of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, is a native of St. Edward Parish and a graduate of the parish school. He was a student of mine when I taught there in the '80s. He was in my 6th, 7th and 8th grade class and he sang in the choristers and in the Advanced Choir back then. Formerly associate Pastor of St. Anselm Parish in San Anselmo, CA, the Archbishop sent him back to Rome to finish his doctorate which he sucessfully defended yesterday.

We knew this kid would go far. We just did not know that he would go this far this fast.

He was supposed to return to the Bay Area where he would serve as Director of Clergy Formation. With Archbishop Levada's recent appointment to the Vatican all that has changed. Steven has been tapped by the Archbishop to serve as a doctrinal official in the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, and to serve as excecutive assistant to the Prefect.

Congratulations, Steven, on a sucessful doctoral defense and your new appointment.

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Wow. That's pretty cool.

HI there, I know this post is very out of date, but I am an old friend of Steven's from Moreau. We knew he'd achieve something like that- back then we used to call him "Pope Lopes"!
I would love to find a way to contact him to congratulate him on his appointment, but Vatican email address are really hard to find!!
If you have any info on how to reach Steven, I would love to hear it!
~Sara Harvey
Moreau Catholic High, class of 1994

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