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It has been a crazy week. Yesterday morning woke up to some significant chest pains at 1:30am, and several times after. Finally after the 9:00am Mass had a series of three of them and finally called a doctor who told me to come in. Nothing to be worried about, apparently. Today the blood tests show that they were probably muscle spasms unrelated to the heart which seems to be fine. Nonetheless, Doc will have me on a treadmill early next week to check things out. Most of it seems to be from accumulated stress. Fr. Joseph graciously took both masses this morning and I slept in, taking the whole morning off. I am looking forward to retreat/vacation August 8-15. Peace and quiet on Long Island Sound, heading over to Connecticut to a monastic guest house. Seems that when you are not taking care of yourself your body will certainly let you know.

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Jeff, remember, we have history of this on one side of our family (Dad, no longer with us due to a heart attack at age 56, a month after his physical) so I'm glad you are being careful. Next time, please don't wait for the "several times after" 1:30. Glad you are going to the doctor to check this out next week on the treadmill. Remember, you can't do it all, and you have an amazing group of people working with you, many friends, and of course your sister, all of us would be lost without you. Take care,


So sorry to hear this -- you are in my prayers.

Take care of yourself, THE CHURCH CANNOT SPARE YOU. (Although looking at the priests I know, and the workload they carry, I'm thinking She needs to get smarter about doing without her priests short term and in small ways lest She find herself having to do without some of you permanently.)

wow, father - i hope you feel better and get some much needed rest.

Good grief! I'll pray for you tomorrow in Adoration.

Hm: how many of us readers are within reach of coastal Connecticut? Maybe Fr. could have us over for Office and tea some afternoon! :-)

That would be cool. Bring your Graduale Triplex and lets do some chanting.

I'll pray for your good health, Fr. Keyes.

Oh, for Heaven's sake, take care of yourself. And I will ask Our Lady to look out for you as well.

Please take care of your self. Pray for my dad this week he is going in the hospital monday AM for test on his heart.


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