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Two hours, forty-five minutes on the phone. Spoke with four people, one clueless, two who said I computed everything correctly, and one who said it was incorrect but could not tell me how.

Incompetence abounds. It is still possible I will pay more in tax than I earned. Everything is in the mail.

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WHOA!! If your AGI is $1833, how on earth are you paying $1083 in taxes?? Are you doing your taxes correctly?? Perhaps you should ask your parish accountant to take a look at your taxes.

Honestly, I don't see how you're paying that much in taxes! It makes no sense whatsoever! Are you filing a simple tax return??

I mean, after the standard deductions and exemptions, your taxable income should be $0!!!.

No brains, no headaches! Let me know if you need an accountant. I have someone who might be able to help! You know him, first name John, last name Durden. Peace out, Anna

Hey, y'all,

Priests receive a lot of "in kind" income--housing, if not also food and cars.

The fair market value of the digs a priest serving in a parish gets to occupy and enjoy is considered income, and I believe self-employment income. If so, then I think they may pay both income tax and self-employment social security tax on that value.

I don't be grudge him his lovely suite and garden at all, but Father Jeff does have the use of a very nice piece of Califoria real estate.

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