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We have six deacons here. They generally do a fine job. One of them preaches every Friday. Today he preached in favor of women's ordination. He will not be preaching again any time soon.

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Ouch... There's no better way to add to the continuous degeneration of Catholic understanding among the average person in the pew than to hear a Church "official" presenting a dissident theory.

Obviously you had no choice but to do what you did. Best wishes.

Hey Father! This is Martin Ford. I lost your email address and I can't find yours on your web site. Please give me a ring! I'm living in Florida right now going to Ave Maria Univerisity. martinjrATgmailDOTcom. You would love it here.

You did the right and only thing to do! No wonder Catholics think that everything is up for grabs. Unfortunately, catechesis about the imposibillity of "ordaining" women has been lacking, as the topic just gets avoided. Belonging to a community of faith necessarily includes affirmation of the teachings of the community of faith. Otherwise, honesty would suggest joining another one. Be not afraid.

One could ask, what, if anything, in the readings or in the challenges faced by Cornelius and Cyprian was connected with the focus of the homily.

It would have been equally awful, IMO, to preach in defense of the current teaching.

Awful? Maybe.

Equally awful? No. The impropriety of a homily on that matter at all is secondary to the scandal of publicly denouncing Catholic doctrine from the pulpit.

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