| | Comments (4) Tori's first birthday. The Staff is holding a BBQ in her honor.

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Tori is very cute! Thanks for sharing photos ....

On a side note, yesterday I made my first visit to your site. Today I clicked on the "first" link to your "St. Blog's Favorite" - Ever New .... I think you might want to get rid of the link a.s.a.p. We it came up it is linked to porn sites. I don't know who had the web site address before, but it looks like it may have changed hands ....


+JMJ+ puppy! Look at that little face! A year later and she's still adorable. I can still remember her puppy shower the staff had for her the day you brought her home...and now we're having her first birthday party. Sigh. You are surely blessed!

I love the last picture. It is so full of presence!

I am one of those who are convinced there will be dogs in heaven.

What a lovely doggie! I'd like to pet her and hug her, she's so cute. I hope she enjoys her birthday party. An animal (dog or cat) is an essential need for any civilized household (never mind cleaning the litter box and having to walk the pooch, it's worth it). I agree with Maureen Lahiff about there being dogs in heaven. I'd also like to add a plug for our feline friends (source forgotten, unfortunately):

No heaven can heaven be,
If my cat is not there to welcome me...

God bless your sweet Tori.

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