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After shaving it took nearly an hour to stop the flow of blood, finally got it done so I could go celebrate 6:45am mass, Team photo shoot happened on time but photographer was not ready for us and the photo looks ridiculous, discovered a local rap group used an image of the church for their album cover(a caution, violent lyrics, parental advisory but the link is here.) and the dog is acting strange. It is a aproaching noon and I am still trying to get breakfast. Plus, I have a charismatic funeral this afternoon. I thought the full moon was last week.

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Oh, Father, the best way to s top the bleeding is with Vitamin E capsules...poke holes in the capusles and squeeze into the wound. The blood will soon clot.

Fr. Jeff,

I've got an extra elec shaver - blades safely guarded. Want to borrow it til the present moon phase is over?

dave byron

What is a charismatic funeral, Fr. Keyes?

Okay, I'll bite. Could you please post an article describing what a charismatic funeral is like?

Maybe it's time to reconsider the beard? (It does look good on you!)

I second the waffler's request... way to bite! It floated across my mind earlier when reading this post.

I figure maybe it takes the "happiness" that is unique to Catholic funerals, to a whole new level. Of course, the whole time freaking out people who haven't experienced charismatics before.

"I figure maybe it takes the "happiness" that is unique to Catholic funerals, to a whole new level."

I jus had a HORRIBLE meeting to plan a funeral where I tried to explain to a non-practicing relative who wanted to run the show, that it is not the "family's" Mass, that the funeral Mass is celebrated by and belongs to the entire community, and not just the local parish, but the Church Universal, and he couldn't get past the word "celebration."
""What do you mean??!?@?? You're CELEBRATING that my grandfather is dead??!?@?#??"

Nope, no beard.

New Orleans jazz funerals come to mind...

Lots of people think they're cool, at least to observe from the outside.

"New Orleans jazz funerals come to mind..."

I've never attended one, but I love Dixieland, and I like the idea of an outdoor procession being accompanied by it.

But a deacon whom I dearly love wants "Oh When the Saints Go Marching In" in place of the In Paradisum at his funeral.

So I wish him many years for more than one reason...

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