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The following note about our Moderator General was received from my Provincial, Fr. Angelo:

Please keep the intention of the Eucharistic Synod in your prayers. This message came to us from Fr. Barry Fischer who is one of the Superior Generals selected to participate the Synod. Fr. Barry is in a Spanish speaking small group with cardinals and archbishops from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Columbia.

“This morning our Spanish group met with and greeted the Holy Father. Each of us approached him and introduced ourselves. I said: “hopefully in all the discussions about Eucharistic Spirituality, that the Precious Blood is not forgotten!” To which the Holy Father responded, “Certainly, not!” Then Pope Benedict said: “You have priests in Salzburg and in Traustein!” and gave me a big smile. I felt very happy and proud that he recognized the name of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood! Afterwards we had a group picture with the Pope.”

Barry said that they have listened to 123 talks so far and they are half way through the 6 minute presentations. He is expecting to give his talk on Monday, October 10th. He asked for special prayers on that day! The talks should be finished about mid-week and then they will go into the proposals that are to go to the Holy Father. After the proposals are made they will be discussed and voted upon as recommendations to the Holy Father. The Synod is in session from October 2-23, 2005.

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Will Fr. Barry be providing the text of his 6 minutes or is that forbidden?

I do not know. I will ask him.

It would be nice to see the photograph also.
Maria Elena & Dave

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