Heresy makes the top 25

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The NPM report is found here.

This is actually one of the greatest pastoral challenges today, when a faithful Catholic hungers to sing a song that is heterodox, when they find great meaning and hope in a song that points us in a wrong direction.

We have to be pastoral and gentle and non-judgemental, but here we are not going to sing "Voices that Challenge," unless it it becomes a song about the voice of God. It is not someones condition that challenges me to respond, it is the voice of the Blood of Jesus that challenges me to respond.

He, himself, he alone is our peace. Here we shall never sing "...let peace begin with me." It may be someone's sentimental favorite, but the purpose of Music in Liturgy is to bear the word of God, not to confirm my sentiments.

Actually there are some pretty good songs among the top 25.

On another note, other Bloggers have noted that Dan Schutte has composed a keeper, "Christ, Circle Round Us." Sr. Mary Mark shared the song with me this morning. It is delightful.

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Man. I shoulda campaigned for "To Jesus' Heart All Burning"!

Maybe we should send them bills that simply say:

to give Mr. Schutte an example of what he did right and what he did wrong. :-)


One has to wonder about the catechesis of the people who chose some of those ditties.

I didn't see "Voices that Challenge" on the list ??

It was the theme for an LA Religious Ed Congress a few years back, and was commissioned as the Congress Theme Song, so I think we can give David Haas a break. If I remember it correctly, he even made fun of it in a workshop, saying essentially other people got great themes to work with and I got "Voices that Challenge" in a way that indicated he wasn't so happy with the commission.

Father Jeff, I don't undestand the distinction you seem to be making between being moved to respond compassionately by human suffering vs. being called by the Blood of Christ. Don't both operate at the same time? ??

I just want to make sure that this list doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Couldn't we have seen the top 100? I tell myself that if people have only heard rotten music in church, that will pretty well limit their choices. And after listening to the congregation at the 7 a.m. Mass this morning happily croon along to "Gentle Woman," I just reminded myself there's a world of work to do out there.

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