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People can't seem to stop talking about how generous the parishioners were this year. The Christmas collection was more than $20,000 more than expected or budgeted. We have never had a $52,000 collection before. This will go a long way to pay off some of those old debts.

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What an awesome parish in which we serve!!!

Well, Fr. Jeff, maybe it's the Holy Spirit. And maybe all the love and work that you and your fellow priests pour into the parish has helped too. And maybe the music...

See I told you he's real !!!

Hi Fr. Keyes,

I was the one on Christmas who said I enjoyed both of your blogs -- I think I surprised you a bit by saying I googled you! Actually I was looking for the St. Edward website and found this fellow, Patrick who had you on his blogroll. (Just FYI.)

I wrote a post about my first Simbang Gabi and how much I'm enjoying the emphasis you have put on having only true liturgical music at St. Edward -- although I am new at what is "heterodox" and not. As I wrote in my post, as a composition major at Occidental College, I learned more about my religion in Music History I than I ever did in 12 years of Saturday morning CCD, and have wonderful respect for the chant that you have brought back. If I were ever to move back here, this would be the parish for me -- in respecting both my culture (Filipino) and sacred music. And I love the thought of having nine choirs for nine masses -- best of luck to you there, it'd be great!

(My parish in L.A. is not too shabby either -- the choir director is conductor of the L.A. Master Chorale!)

In any case, I'll be back to enjoy both of your blogs... what a lovely surprise it has been to read your blog of such substance and personality!

Fr how many adults would have been in your Christmas congregation?

Hey, Madley -- you're going to St Charles Borromeo?
A few years ago, when I was traveling, as I was realizing how common awful (as opposed to awesome,) Catholic liturgies are, I happened on Maestro S.'s choir, and thought, wow, an oasis.
I bet St Edward's is the same.
Why don't all parishes care enough to conduct the liturgy this way?

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