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Hilarious, we match, not that the test is credible in any way. Thanks for sharing.

uh oh!, just kidding.


Human persons are not evil...remember something about made in the divine image and likeness?

No matter how many evil deeds they do...

Certainly, baptized persons are not evil!

It always makes me "nervous" when someone says/writes "evil deeds".....

It didn't yield any result for me. Probably since I was using an "other" browser. But what is the point of these questions? I mean, the only name on the list I recognized was Engel, but that doesn't mean I agree with him. I actually don't fantasize about sex too much any more...but who fantasizes about philosophy? I think philosophically occasionally, but that is not the same. The way the question is worded, if one is honest, one has to answer sex. I don't fantasize about world peace, but I honestly do fantasize about the unity of the church, about reunion with the Orthodox...and then all the breakaway Anglicans come in.....

And then the question about meat? I think the questions are completely random and either the results are random as well, or everyone is told they are not evil at all.

Maybe I was supposed to get that right from the beginning and I am just showing how slow I am?

My father used to say "There's no use being stupid if you don't show it once in a while."


I was just "good". Were all the right answers to get "angelic" Canada?

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