Burning palms

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Rocco has an interesting article on the burning or buying of ashes for Ash Wednesday. We bought some last year because we had no idea if people would bring their palms back. This year we did not buy any as we had plenty of palms to burn. They smolder rather than burst into flame, he said. We had quite the opposite experience. The flames were huge, and it was good to have a screen to keep embers from blowing away. Also there was no need for paper or wood to start the fire. Cruz started the fire with a blow torch, so all we have is ashes from palm branches.

Here is a link to an article and picture in today's paper, although the link should only work for 14 days.

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40 Days of Lent

I've come to understand the 40 as symbolic rather than literal.

But the way we count now does have a nice consequence -- the article didn't quite reflect the Catholic perspective.

Lent ends before we begin the Triduum with the evening Mass of the Lord's Supper.

Not counting Sundays would give 4 days this week, 5 weeks of 6 days each, and then 4 days in Holy Week.

Counting Sundays beginning with the First Sunday of Lent and figuring 5 days in Holy Week (Sunday through Thursday) does give 40, but it may seem strange to count the Sundays.

So, back to the image connected with 40!

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