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Gee, seems like you are always just one step ahead of the pope.

I am sure that there is resistance in every parish. The liberals will resisit what they see as Pre Vatican II Catholicism e.g. Adoration,Latin, incense etc and the traditionals will resist what they see as the gutting of the Liturgy and the church building e.g. a minimalist church, tabernacle removed from the sanctuary, do-it-yourself Masses etc The parish priest has the thankless job of steering a course between the two.

No group likes to have changes just dropped on them without preparation though. I remember that many in my parish were very upset to enter the church for Mass on Easter Monday to find that the crucifix which had been on top of the tabernacle for ever had been removed.

Good, solid catechesis from the pulpit and from the school should minimise resistance to authentic Catholicism.

You have my prayers father.

You have my prayers father.

I have to agree with Sharon. You will get dissention amongst some. However, you might just bring back others that have been driven out by a predecessor.

You have my prayers and support, Father.

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