Reform and Renewal

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Think of it as part of the Lenten reform and renewal.

What this community needs is refounding. This is something that our General has stated many times over, but there is little discussion or energy behind it, at least within earshot of this writer.

So refounding must start at home and so I shall start with me, and this little blog will be part of it. Refounding energy is difficult in later years. My associate here is in his 70th year. He is a great help to me, yet he has no energy for this. He wants to just be as close to Jesus as he can be, and I will bless him for that. Actually it was a joy to hear that coming from him.

But for me, there has to be something more. In many ways it feels as if the foundations have been ripped out from underneath me. Moral failures, heterodox teachings and diregard for the liturgy have led to diminishing community. Last July, the Province to which I belong disappeared. Nothing is left but the shadows and the memories. So now I belong to the Cincinnati Province. I have been to Ohio several times, but to Cincinnati once. There is little in the name I can identify with. The name does not inspire mission, rather it localizes us in one place. Even seen as a home base from which we mission, it has little resonance with me.

The three pillars of this community are Spirituality, Mission and Community. These are the things I shall focus on and work toward. It does not happen by itself.

All of this is rooted in a primary and essential relationship with the Lord. For Gaspar, everything is decided through prayer.

So prayer it will be.

Watch for some of the external changes soon. The Blog will have new name, new focus, new look. The only thing to remain the same will be the address.

Reform, refocus, renew, refound.

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Can you perhaps glean something from the life of Cincinnatus the reluctant warrior?

I'll be waiting to see what you discern. And yes, it does all go back to prayer. Have a Great Lent (as we used to say in the Orthodox Church and think ourselves very bright)!

Each year you give us this joyful season when we prepare to celebrate the paschal mystery with mind and heart renewed.

You give us a spirit of loving reverence for you, our Father, and of willing service to our neighbor.

As we recall the great events that gave us life in Christ, you bring the image of him to perfection within us.

It's God who is the founder, ultimately!

Preface of Lent I

Is this "resonance" thing that with which the Companions now struggle, do you think?

Fr, I don't know anything about your order but from what I am reading around the Internet the orders which are thriving are those which are Faithful to the Magisterium and wear habits or clerical garb. They don't just have 'spirituality' which afirms them; they have religious practises e.g. Mass, Adoration, Divine Office which puts God in the center of their lives. Their social justice work, teaching, etc, flows from their love and worship of Christ.

I wish you well in your endeavours, Father.

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