St. Gaspar speaks about the Cross


The Holy Cross is the mystical ladder to heaven, the cathedral of truth, the tree of life, under whose shadow we are to find rest in the peacefulness of the just.

Oh what a great book for us is the Cross! It is a summarization of the apologetics of our faith, a practical knowledge for our moral life, and the most tender lessons of love that the Lord has shown. From this book, every soul is encouraged to promote evermore the most important devotion to the Divine Blood, which I highly recommend to your zeal and charity, so that it will become known wherever possible.

Let us joyfully carry the cross that God gives us: "I exceeding abound with joy in all our tribulation.” (1)

Do not think about the past; be at peace, very much at peace and even more so with regard to the present which promises further and more ample blessings. If suffering is a grace, which it truly is, this is a sign of those more mature merits for which God is disposing us.

Our lives, more or less, are like winter. In the springtime one sees the work that the winter has produced in the depths of the earth. Be courageous. These are the fruits that arise from the plant of the cross. Let us apply this image of winter to our souls.

Never lose hold of a sweet confidence in God: never lose serenity of mind in God. To pray, for example, for more suffering is not, in my judgment, something called for at the present time. Let us willingly suffer whatever God wishes. Let us repeat often: "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".(2) We are to do the will of God as it is done in heaven. So, make distant those feelings of anguish, I repeat, those fears, those perplexities. “Why art thou sad, O my soul?" (3)

Let us enjoy the peace which God grants to us and in his divine Heart let us find that feeling of calmness even in all the storms that surround us. (4)

(1)2 Cor. 7:4
(2)The Lord’s prayer
(3)Psalms 41:6
(4)from letters 1929 and 2648

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