What the prayer really says

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Wow, Let's do it! Are you righting this from Half Dome? {; You would be amazed if even though you don't know the language, how so well you can feel the Spirit. God is Great.Happy Easter to all.

In the "better late than never" category, Happy Easter, Fr. Jeff! In our parish, the pastor is cautious and our transitional deacon nervous. Consequently, it took three of us to sing the Exultet. While I assume it's never supposed to be sung by a woman, I confess I did enjoy my share of it.

Of course, to get all the good stuff, including the bees, you have to use a pre-Pauline version. We're still living in my parish with the mania for shortening things. Of course, if we cut out reading at least the announcements, we would have time for more worship.

Anyway, there's nothing better than a week of Sundays, so I'm enjoying the octave.

Mary Jane and all readers,

There's more latitude than the links Father Jeff has posted indicate. No reason to assume that a woman can't sing/proclaim the Exsultet if deacons and priests cannot! The beauty of the proclamation is what counts.

Check and acknowledge your sources, folks! Even when you don't like what they say, or maybe especially when you don't like what they say.

1988 Circular Letter concerning the Preparation and Celebration of the Easter Feasts, Congregation for Divine Worship:

par 84: The deacon makes the Easter Proclamation, which tells by means of a great poetic text the whole Easter mystery placed in the context of the economy of salvation. In case of necessity, where there is no deacon, and the celebrating priest is unable to sing it, a cantor may do so. The bishops' conferences may adapt this proclamation by inserting into it acclamations from the people.

I don't know if the versions of the Exsultet with people's parts have official approval from USCCB, but the option is available.

It's easy to find the Circular Letter online if you don't have the LTP documents collections handy. Google pulls up a link to ewtn as the first hit.

Also, I'm a bit mystified as to what folks think is missing in the current translation. For once, I think the text has the essentials, except for the bees.

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