Long, Full Days

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It sure is a busy time. Weddings are taking a bit of time, and today we had Confirmation twice. The last two weekends we had seven or eight first communion celebrations. It is all a blur right now. The stressful thing is being kind to the pagan hoarde that seems to accompany these celebrations. Can you imagine, at both celebrations of confirmation today, a cell phone went off. And one guy gets up during the Vicar General's homily to go outside to take the call!!!! I have to go practice my Spanish homily, because I have the Spanish mass tonight. Tomorrow I have three masses, one in Portuguese, plus the Men's club pancake breakfast, and it is Mother's Day. I hear Mom is coming to the early Mass tomorrow and staying for breakfast. Then we have the Spring Concert tommorrow afternoon. Then I have to pack a bag for the airplane trip. I will be in Ohio all week (so no blogging) and then back here for the ordination next Saturday.

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Okay, the cell phone thing happened at First Communion also. It happens at just about every Mass now-a-days. You would think that people would get embarrassed enough by it (or outraged by it) that they would learn; but they don't. So what is the solution? Does anybody out there have a story to share about what works in their parish?

We have asked that we make an announcement just before Mass begins reminding people to turn off the phones. But Father Jeff has a point, how would that announcement be made to the 30-40% of the people who do not arrive before Mass begins? We could do what a priest at another parish in the deanery does, and lock the doors once Mass begins. Yeah, that sounds real nice. On the other hand, is arriving for Mass late and taking cell phone calls during Mass "nice"?

There must be a kind, gentle, Christian, effective way to make this happen....what is it???!?!?!?!?!?

Happy Mothers day to all the Blogger moms {;
I know its tomorrow, but im not spending my time Blogging on Mothers Day...... Have a safe trip Father Jeff,Your safety will be in my prayers, injoy your MOM.............

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