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iconcup.jpgIn the morning we started at a little Melkite Church in Lawrence, MA. The priest was very welcoming and hospitable. He said next time he wanted me to concelebrate, though I am not sure how prayerful it would be as a concelebrant in a Rite with which I am not familiar. As it was, today, it felt like worship just to watch and participate interiorly. One providential thing for me was the Icon on the wall just next to us. It has a great deal of Precious Blood significance, and so after the liturgy I just had to photograph it.

In the afternoon we strolled around the sights of Boston. We headed into the North end and found ourselves in the midst of the Festival of Saint Agrippina. The Saint is one of these early century Roman Martyrs and her festival in Boston has been held for over 80 years. It was quite the sight, the parade with the Statue and the stopping at various spots and patrons showering her with garlands of dollar bills. She was carried by a large group of men in white who joined in songs and rhythmic chants as they bounced her rhythmically up the street. The Band was delightful, but it was a bit amusing to see her bounding up the street to the tune of “Deep In The Heart of Texas.” The event reminded me a great deal of the time several years ago on arriving in Siena, Italy we joined in a medieval parade celebrating that city’s saint. agrippina.jpg

We had a nice little lunch in an Italian eatery, and then headed up to Cambridge and Harvard. From there we headed over to Boston College and to St. John Seminary before heading home.

Tomorrow I may take a drive down to Rhode Island for the day, but be back in time for one of the local sing-it-yourself events.

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Hmm   ...garlands of dollar bills... Sounds like the collection baskets at our church.

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