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....blogging has been slow, and I still have a few more Roman days to blog about. But, Lent approaches, and I am swamped with stuff to do. One of these days I need a real full-time secretary to keep me on top of this stuff, but the parish can ill afford such a person, especially when the Diocese sends you in two days $10,000 in extra unbudgeted expenses. In just a short time they really trashed all that extra effort that went into the budget. I get back to things here when the desk clears a bit.....

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Father couldn't some people from the parish volunteer to help you with secretarial duties. Here in Australia, money is very short in the parishes and we couldn't exist without our volunteers.

*oh! big grin*

Ah! Just when you were getting to our day together at Santa Croce in Gerusalemme!

I have been reading your blog on brings back happy memories...I am wondering since you are so busy if you will have the the following of St.Gasper this in previous years? Judie

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