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So how long does it take to get to the airport? Oh, about an hour. So, we have to be at the airport about 5:00am for a 7:00am flight. Trains do not run that early. So I guess that means we find a taxi. The Hotel made sure we had a taxi for 4:00am. So in the quiet of that Roman morning we were all up early. The Tax arrived early, and of course there was no traffic. Ok, now we have added to our stories of Roman taxis. Traffic laws, stop signs, speed limits, they are all mere suggestions. We were on a bit of a race track through back roads and side streets. The old Appian Way gave way to modern two-lane highway. We were at the airport in 15 minutes, maybe less. The airport was empty. We sat there, first in line for nearly an hour before we were moved to another location. The security guards had arrived and informed us that the area was not yet open. So we waited a few minutes before British Airways opened and then we were back at the place to check in and deposit our luggage.


The trip to London was quick and we had a nice layover. We got a nice breakfast, though a bit salty and expensive, and, I also purchased two bottles of Paddy Irish Whiskey in a Duty free shop, and even found time to do a bit of blogging.

The trip from London to San Francisco seemed very long. I think I had time to watch about three movies and read two books. This trip was a bit quieter. On the plane, the British Airways people were bit more hospitable and helpful than they had been on the trip over. At Heathrow we wondered, though, what planet they had been born on. My traveling companions were playful even to the end.


At San Francisco I was in for a bit of further screening because my Passport had been stolen. But they soon determined that I was me, and we were on our way home. The sun had been up all day, for the entire flight home. It was now time for it to set, get some sleep, and be prepared for work on a new day, back in California.

It had been a great pilgrimage, rich in experiences, grace and friendship. Many meals since then have been reminiscent of the journey. Some of the art work photographed on the trip now adorns the walls of our homes and offices. The travel to the tomb of the apostles and the center of our faith, and to the sights and memories of St. Dominic and St. Gaspar have enriched our lives in many ways.


It would be impossible to share a glass of red wine, or a sip of grappa, or Eliser Gambrinus, without calling to mind several moments of grace on this journey.

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Amen!  And it could not have been the wonderful pilgrimage that it was without your "shepherding" us around.  It was truly the best vacation ever.

Welcome home father. I am never likely to travel and so I must tell you how much I have enjoyed your posts about the trip. From my armchair I feel I have been with you and enjoyed the food and the sights so much.

  one of Fr. Keyes' photos

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