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There was a news report last night about an ABC correspondent who announced she has breast cancer.

First of all, let us pray for her and for all who are afflicted with this disease. The news report said that 250,000 women will be diagnosed with it this year.

The video report stated that one in eight women will have breast cancer, up from one in 20 in 1960. It also stated that they do "not understand" why there is this increase.

Then the video said that one reason is that there is "more estrogen in our bodies for longer periods of time", and that "estrogen nourishes cancers cells like it was fertilizer."

They failed to mention that the reason for this increased estrogen for longer periods of time was ARTIFICIAL birth control.

It amazes me that in this world where we long for organic or natural products, we take for granted that the ONLY means for birth control are ARTIFICIAL.means.

Do we need any other proof that the news media does not give us the whole story, and that Paul VI was right.

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Hey everyone! Just as I was reading this post, my wife called to tell me that she's pregnant! Gives you something good to pray about...

God bless you both, or rather, all three, and congratulations, Michael!

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Endometriosis numbers are through the roof too. Reason being that women now have too many periods i.e. they are not getting pregnant. Of course there is not a chemical means available for a woman to have no periods i.e. he body is artificially pregnant. I wonder what will be the consequences of that in ten years or so.

Hey, Michael, that is so cool! Another church musician on the way!!!!!!

I don't think it helps to just tell part of the story--there are a LOT of reasons for increased breast cancer rates, not just changes in child-bearing and oral contraceptive use.

There is no "THE reason" -- there are LOTS of reasons!

(How much of the personal history of this correspondent do we know?)

Here's a fact sheet for anyone who wants to see the scientific concensus, from the National Cancer Institute.

There are also a number of dietary factors and obesity that increase risk of breast cancer -- high fat diets, alcohol consumption. Then there's radiation exposure. See this one from the American Cancer Society:

Another other active research area is the estrogen mimicing effects of the phthalates so ubiquitous in the plastics in our environment. For example, the plastic bottles used for drinking water. These are also linked to testicular cancer as well as breast cancer, though the science is pretty complicated and not yet as clear.

Father Jeff, please don't fall for the partial stories that certain folks use to bolster their beliefs without gettiing the bigger picture.

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