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February 3, 2008

St. Maria De Mattias


Her Feast is February 4th.

The texts for here Mass can be found here.

There is a bunch of stuff about her in the archives.

Venerable Merlini's homily at her funeral.

From the Vatican website

This is the second reading from today's Office of Readings.

From the Constitutions of 1857 and the letters of Blessed Maria de Mattias

For the triumph of his mercy and to show his infinite love for us, our divine redeemer, Jesus Christ shed his precious blood with great suffering and humiliation, as the price of salvation and glory. He gave it all, he gave it for all, and he does not stop giving it. His Blood is a fountain, or rather, a life giving river available to all. It springs up and flows on unendingly for all the sons and daughters of Adam and remains with them accompanying them every moment of their life on earth to make them holy and to bring them to eternal joy in heaven.

This lowly congregation which lives and labors under the glorious title of the most precious Blood of Jesus Christ must itself take on the shape and pattern of a living image of that divine love with which it was shed, and of which it was and is symbol, expression, measure and pledge.

The spirit of this holy work is all charity. We have carved this word in our minds and on our hearts. I repeat: Charity! Charity toward God and our dear neighbor. I have placed everything in the hands of the most holy Virgin.

May our hearts never withdraw from that perennial fountain flowing from the loving wound of the side of our most loving Spouse Jesus Crucified! Here all our poor labors borne for love of him, will be sweetened. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus Crucified and we can be sure he will not let us perish, provided we are faithful to him. Oh! what a beautiful honor to please God; in short, to live entirely in God.

What a beautiful consolation it is to see the spouses of the divine lamb, the Adorers of his most precious Blood, motivated by one sole will, the will of God, forming but one heart and one soul, and thus united, making the heaven resound with a hymn of thanksgiving to the infinite goodness of God, while at the same time they offer the blood of his Son for the reconciliation of heaven with earth, or earth with heaven. We are called to labor in the vineyard of Jesus crucified. Oh! What a beautiful honor it is for us to weary ourselves so that souls may be forever happy in the beautiful Jerusalem where Jesus will reunite us one day!

Be strong in the vocation you have chosen which will one day reunite all of us in heaven with Jesus our Spouse carry the palm of victory in our hands and chanting the glories of the divine Blood.

Canticle of the Blood of Christ

Clap your hands, all you peoples, Sing unto God with a voice of jubilation.

For God the Almighty has shown us mercy.

For God has not spared God's own Son, but has delivered Him up in our behalf.

That we might be redeemed by His Blood and freed from our sins;

That justified in the Blood of Jesus we might be saved from God's anger;

That we who were separated might be reconciled through the Blood of Christ.

0 Lord, my God, what can I render unto you for all the good you have bestowed upon me?

I will take the chalice of salvation and I will call upon the power of this Blood.

Sing to Jesus, all you saints, and make known the memory of His holiness.

For God has loved us and washed us in the Blood of Jesus who has become our helper and our redeemer.

Blessed forever be the Blood of Christ which has wrought such wonders in us.

Blessed be Jesus for all eternity, and may the heavens and the earth be filled with the glory of His Blood.

Come; let us adore Christ, the Son of God, who has redeemed us with His Blood.

Maria de Mattias

from Adorers of the Blood of Christ, 1993 Prayer Booklet, Wichita Center

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