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its so great to see him in our home land, it will be so great to see him bring great faith to our hope and our lost sheep! it was sad to see the people who were nieve on the catholic priest on the scandal of abuse of the week. with sighns agains all priest as if they were all guilty... they dont now that ther not all guilty, we must prey for for all priest week AND strong, for they still were chosen by GOD ! prey for the ignorince of the world ! AND PREY FOR ONE AND ALL TO NEVER JUDGE. FOR WE ARE ALL SINNERS. REPENT, AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER FOR GOD IS LOVE. MAY THE LORD BE WITH YOU ALL.. ps: forgive my spelling I went TO saint edwards school :) LOVE LIZZY

3 yrs ago on this date we were in Paris and had the blessing to go to Notre Dame and join Catholics there praying for the newly elected Holy Father at a candlelight prayer service. What a wonderful and memorable experience that was. The church was full. It certainly left an impression on me that there are Parisians with a very deep spiritual commitment to Christ and the Church.

I tried to find an article that explained the reason for kissing the Pope's ring (and other bishop's) but couldn't. Could you clarify for me (and maybe others)? The memory I have is that as a child I was told the rings had embedded in them a relic of the True Cross and that was part of the reason for kissing the rings--the other, of course, being respect for the office of the pope or the bishop/cardinal. Yet when I tried to find a source that backed this up, I could not. Thank you.

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