On the Supreme Court's Immoral ruling...

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We put our bishop's response on the front page of our parish website.

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Just thinking out loud...

While continuing to hold up the human as well as the religious values of lifetime commitment in marriage, we've also by and large made our peace with civil divorce and subsequent remarriage. (Though a few of the countries in Europe with strong Catholic strains in their cultures, such as Spain and Italy, did so only recently.)

So, we're already used to teaching our people the difference between civil marriage and sacramental marriage, while those who do not share our faith ignore us or accuse us of bad stuff.

Since we teach that same-sex orientation is deep-seated, and not a choice, of all the challenges we face in trying to put our values into practice in society, I just don't see this one as so alarming.

After all, we believe that same-sex orientation is deep-seated, and not a choice,

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