a new venture

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Ok, I am willing to try anything now. testing, testing....

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I like the look and the format. I don't think I can post, but I'll try.

Welcome, Padre!

I like the soothing brown background color! Also, I think it's good that your banner takes up a little less room than the Blogspot version.

I would say, though, that the headers in the right hand column use a font that looks a little odd. Also, I'm not sure that using all caps for the headers works, particularly for the headers that are questions.

Free advice which is probably worth less than you paid for it, but there you go.

I know what you mean, Peter. The Palatino font looks fine on some systems, but ragged on some; so this blog looks OK for me at home, but not as good from work, even though I'm using Mozilla on Linux in both places.

just curious..how did you choose this background color?

not so warm as the previous one!

soothing is not the word I'd use.

dark red/reddish brown on pink brown may be ok.
in the comments, grey on pink brown is not so great.

also, I really don't like the email address required. name required, maybe ok. but I don't want spam from St. Blogs and its friends to deal with! I'm including a non-existent e mail to see if it takes it.

Father Jeff, does this mean anything about your positioning yourself in the spectrum of Catholic culture?

I don't feel welcome in most of St. Blogs.

the color change "on mouse over"
as on the Comments link, for example,
has way too little contrast, IMO.

keep the comments coming. We can make adjustments as we go.

I agree. I like the sunny yellow better.
And, Maureen, great e-mail. I'm co-opting it too.

the sunny yellow or goldenrod never looked too good on my computer. I was looking for something that spoke more clearly of Precious Blood. Any thoughts?

I too will not post my personal e-mail, and although the color is not bad, it it's too bland to have what looks like grey writing on the color taupe. The other site did look more inviting and warmer. Those are my comment from the peanut gallery:)

Much pleasanter to read. (I hate yellow, what does that say about me, psychologically?)

Thanks for the color comments. Since I did most of the setup for Father, I get to take the credit (or respectively, blame) for the background color.

I've made the text darker for entries and comments, to improve contrast. Hope it helps. Is it OK, Fr. Keyes? It's black for blog posts, and dark red for comments.

for background, I'd suggest a light cream color, maybe one with a bit of texture...but then, that's exactly what I used on our parish webpage.

I guess this makes it the "new" New Gasparian.

I think the format for the links on the right needs a little work. The headings take up a lot of space, and it doesn't aesthetically sit with me...

OK, folks; here's another revision.

Are people still having trouble with the font?

For some reason, my browser on my home computer can't view the whole site at once and I need to scroll from side to side. I'll see if the problem persists at work tomorrow.

And Maureen, I can't speak for the whole blogging universe, but you're always welcome at Sursum Corda, even if Blogspot seems to have become a little declasse...:-)

gaspar decomposed into a mosaic looks fine...

it actually helped me notice some things I hadn't in the larger image, and the 'radioactive chalice' aspect is decreased.


but the type really is small.

I'm with Maureen on the type. I'm getting eyestrain reading through the comments. Maybe just a tad bigger?

Here's a revision with more flexible width, a more readable font, and a more normal text size in the comments. Enjoy.

Many thanks! RC, you are a treasure.

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