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Well readership of the New Gasparian has more than doubled in the past few weeks. If you have not seen the Handbook for Heaven it is available here.

This is the latest edition, all the C Cycle Sundays are now included.

I am hoping to get this published for next Lent. So if you would like to be one of the original reviewers, all you have to do is promise to tell me if there are any typos, or if it can be improved in any way.

Thanks to Precious Blood Companions Maureen and Peggy who have been the biggest support and encouragement along the way.

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I tried the address and nothing came up for this this the correct address? Thank you...Judie

It has been easy to support and encourage this endeavor, but thanks for the nod, Fr. Jeff. I strongly recommend this Lenten practice to anyone who is looking for a disciplined demanding approach to spiritual growth. Combining the daily readings with a relevant selection from St. Gaspar, a reflection by Fr. Jeff and questions that connect you and your life to the readings and reflection, the Handbook provides an anchor for your Lenten journey and an opportunity to grow in or discover for the first time the fruits of Precious Blood spirituality.

Peggy and I had the gift of hearing the beginnings of these reflections as homilies!

they translate pretty well to the page, IMO.

still on the lookout for Yes/No questions that can be turned into "how do I" or "in what ways can I" rather than "do I"

I think I got 'em all, Maureen, but if you find any more, let me know.

Congrats on moving to new domain! Where should we send typo lists for the Handbook?

Dear Father Keyes,

As I've said elsewhere. I'll be looking. I work professionally as an editor of books, so I may have some insights that may be helpful. Don't count on it though, as I do not normally work on these kinds of books.

God bless you for making this available.



(P.S. I know your new parishioners will be profoundly blessed by your Pastorate. I would say I am envious, but I don't begrudge them their good fortune.)

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