A Little Grammar Problem

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I saw this cute little thing in the Newsweek that showed up today. It was a short little sidebar on a book of grammar. One example of how grammar changes things is:

A woman without her man would be nothing.

Now just add a little punctuation and see how it changes.

A woman: without her, man would be nothing.


Me thinks that maybe it is just our punctuation that needs reforming.

Too often people sing in church:

“Here I am, Lord.”

when what they really mean is….

Here, I am Lord.

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I bet most often people are singing:

here i am lord

No grammar at all...

Peace, Fr Jeff.

Or perhaps the Lectionary refrain for Psalm 40:

Here, am I Lord?

Or a beloved hymn from a previous generation:

Holy God we! Praise!

Or even a prayer at Mr Linkletter's funeral:

Our Father who? Art in heaven

On second thought, maybe there's not much to this.

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